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Sport is a major part of day-to-day American life. Our passion for sports in this country is unmatched anywhere else. In addition to our love for watching sports, we love to play sports as well. Youth leagues for every sport you can imagine exist and much of many childhoods are spent on baseball diamonds or soccer fields. Adults get in on the fun as well, with adult leagues such as slow-pitch softball being incredibly popular.

Favorite Sports

However, our on-the-go lifestyle isn’t always conducive to following these sports as much as we’d like. Historically, our sports need were filled by radio and TV programs that only came on at a certain time. That isn’t enough for fans, though, we want as much access to scores, breaking news, and live streams as possible. Technology has made all these things a reality. Through television, online websites, and mobile apps fans are getting as much access to their favorite sports as they can handle.


Television has always provided us access to sports programming since the first televised sporting event in 1939. The invention of television alone, allowed even more people to become fans, even if they couldn’t afford to see them play in person. Sports on television have expanded exponentially, however, offering a wide range of programming options.

One example is DIRECTV, a satellite television provider, offering specialized programming that allows fans to watch every televised NFL game. In addition, it allows games and highlights to be watched on other devices. For NFL Sunday Ticket info, contact your surrounding television providers. The convenience factor is allowing for everyone to stay more up to date on the NFL; however, this is not the only way television helps.

Many of the major networks themselves have channels that are dedicated to sports; for example, ESPN or Fox Sports 1. Not only do these networks broadcast sporting events nationally, but they have a full schedule of programming that covers sports issues on the field, and off. Television is just one of the ways that fans are staying connected to the games they love.

Online Sites and Mobile Apps

Luckily, where television can’t reach us, the internet can. The development of easy-to-use and informative online websites and mobile apps keeps us updated on what is happening in the world of sports from anywhere.

Professional leagues and their individual teams maintain websites with all the information one would need to know. Statistics, news, scores, rosters, and more can all be found on the team’s website. In addition, resource websites are there to provide other information, for example,, which provides advanced sports analytics.

However, the benefits of online websites extend far beyond just being able to look up batting averages. For those of us that play sports, online warehouses offer top of the line equipment, at a lower cost than a retail outlet. The internet also offers us the ability to stream live coverage and games onto our computer, granted we pay for the service of course. Finally, betting and fantasy websites are combining our love of sports with our love for making money; drawing more interest in sports overall.

Mobile apps have taken the mass amount of information available on the internet and made it ultra-accessible. Using a smartphone, one can do virtually anything that can be done on a computer, or even a television. From smartphones, people can shop for sporting equipment, check scores, read the news, and even watch live coverage of games. For sports fans, it has never been to stay updated on sports news, on or off the field.

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