Tech Help: Apps To Make Your Life Easier With A Click Or A Tap

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There’s no denying that smart phone apps are very popular and people are spending more time on them than ever before. But there are so many out there it’s hard to know which ones are the most useful and the most reliable. Here’s a rundown on some of the latest apps that will make your life a little easier.

Weather Live Free

Do you want to check the weather anywhere in the world with just one click? If you’re looking for a weather app, you can’t beat this one. If offers a user-friendly interface and a 7-day weather forecast you can count on for accuracy, so you can adjust your plans to suit. Other features include the wind direction and speed, current and “feels like” temperatures, air pressure, rainfall and sunrise and sunset times. You can also view rain maps and current and future weather radar. If you don’t feel like opening the app every time you want to check the weather, you can add a convenient compact widget to your home screen.



A great way to keep on task with your health is by using a weight loss app. Pact is unique in this genre of apps. Users are invited to make three types of pact: a food logging pact, a gym pact and/or a veggie pact. It’s easy to use. You simply make a weekly pact and set what you will pay other members if you fail to meet it. Use the app to track your progress. If you meet your goal, you will earn real cash from the members who fail to meet theirs.


Need to calm down and clear your head at the beginning and end of the day, or after a stressful meeting?This meditation app begins with a free Take 10 program that teaches you how to meditate in just ten minutes each day. If this works and you want more, you can continue with a subscription which allows you access to hundred more hours of guided and unguided meditations lasting from 2 minute to an hour.


Daily Commute

If you’re like the average working American, you spend around 46 minutes on your commute to work. Who wants to waste time stuck in traffic? A good commute app like this one can shave minutes off your drive each day and reduce the stress of your commute. All you have to do it log in your route and the app will tell you where to go to avoid traffic congestion. It even gets smarter as you use it. You can assign time you wish to arrive and the app will give you a target “leave time” based on current traffic data.

Mobile apps are here to stay. They are much more popular than mobile sites because they are easy to customize and personalize and they can identify your location, which enables them to send you current updates and notifications.

Keira Kemp can hardly remember how she got through life before the smartphone! Now so integrated in her busy life she shares which apps are her must-have’s along with some other tech tips and tricks.

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