How Has Technology Impacted Gaming?

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Technology is doing a lot to influence how games are presented and played. Mobile gambling is now valued at a whooping $100bn. Gambling is something that people love to do due to the adrenaline rush that is associated with the activity. It is a popular hobby and pastime, all thanks to technological advancements which are making games even more interesting to play.

Players who engage in these fun activities no longer roll dice like they used to do in 100 A.D. Playing cards is way more advanced than it used to be. And with the hint of Virtual Reality shaping the industry anytime from now, it should be quite evidence that more technology will continue to change how people participate in these games.

The worldwide web

The worldwide web has impacted the world of gaming in various ways. It is a phenomenal platform as far as gaming is concerned. So it shouldn’t come by surprise that it’s one of the most significant technologies that has facilitated the invention of modern day internet casino.


Other than influencing video games which require an internet connection to play, the industry has started developing gaming genres that will rely on the internet as a standard. First Person Shooters and Real Time strategy games are some good examples that would not have existed if there was no internet. And now that broadband speeds are getting better in most parts of the world, the industry should blossom on this fact by creating games that would match the speed and distribution of the internet across the globe.

How mobile devices and apps have changed the face of gaming

Most people who play Android casino games do so using mobile devices, thanks to the fact that Android platform is the most widespread mobile OS in the world. And with the convenience that a smart phone comes with, it only makes sense for the smart phone or tablet to be treated as the primary gadget of choice to use when playing casino games.

In 2014, mobile gambling figures doubled, and these statistics were driven by the fact that smart phones and tablets were getting better for this purpose. Moreover, it is reported that there are currently 164 million people around the world who visit internet casinos using their mobile devices.

These statistics have also influenced the vitality of mobile apps in the gaming industry. These days, casino apps are widespread, and they tend to offer the best user experience compared to casino sites themselves. That could explain why most casino platforms now have a mobile app for their users.


Cloud gaming

Decades ago, gaming without hardware for storage would be an impossible endeavor. But with the invention of cloud technology, this limit has been broken since users can now access quality HD games right off their browsers. Cloud-based gaming is still the real deal.

And of course we have motion sensors and playing video games by touching and swiping. If you hate keyboards and controllers, devices with motion sensors offer an innovative alternative since they rely on the body’s natural movement instead. Couple this with the ability to swipe on a touch screen, and you will see why playing at slot2slot is more fun than ever.

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