The Rumors Surrounding Apple’s 2018 IPhone Line Up

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With Apple’s keynote in the rear view and WWDC 2018 in our sights, it’s a busy time of year for Apple fans. In the downtime between events, most are trying to guess what’s to come out of the Apple brand this year.Perhaps the biggest changes on the docket include the iOS 12 reveal, a redesigned Mac Pro, and the new watchOS 5. But for anyone with an iPhone X, these play second fiddle to any news regarding the Cupertino-based tech company’s upcoming line of smartphones. With an ear to the ground, X-ers are hoping to learn more about this innovative series.

Whether it’s the discontinuation of the first gen or a return of the original SE, there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s start by addressing the rumors surrounding the potential SE second generation.

Speculation about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup is rife with rumors but one that’s gaining ground is that we’ll see an iPhone SE 2 sometime this, a Chinese news website,published its would-be specs, claiming the SE 2 will have:

  • An A10 processor
  • 32 GB and 128 GB storage options
  • 2-inch screen

The website also implied Apple will unveil the SE 2 at the upcoming WWDC., unlike other sources, hasn’t yet established itself as a reliable source of leaked information, so journalists question the validity of this statement. It doesn’t help that Ming-Chi Kuo, an important player in Apple’s supply chain in Asia, suggested the rumors behind a second-generation SE had no substance.

Whether the SE 2 is in the pipeline, it — as well as any other phone — is unlikely to make its debut at the WWDC. Apple hasn’t released an iPhone at one of their conferences since 2010, when it introduced the iPhone 4. Though there is a chance Apple will surprise us all, most believe they won’t. However, some think the iOS 12 reveal at the conference will hint at what we can expect from the newest iPhones — just as WWDC’s 2017 iOS 11’s ARKit did for the X’s TrueDepth camera.

No smartphone hardware at WWDC means you’ll have to wait until the typical fall-time release to see another handset from the Cupertino-based company. iPhone hopefuls expect to see three distinct phones this September, including a:

  • 8-inch OLED iPhone 11 (or XI)
  • 5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus or XI Plus
  • 1-inch LCD “budget” phone (in as much as an iPhone can be budget)

At this time, insiders don’t know any more details regarding the upcoming lineup.Last year, the iPhone X first generation debuted as the most expensive phone. Its high price tag is one of the many reasons why it didn’t sell as well as anticipated. As a result, some believe the next generation to come this fall will see a tempered price, starting at $899.

It’s still a lot of money. A scant few months isn’t a long time to prepare for your next upgrade, but you can improve your chances of affording the latest handset by cashing in Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. It’s a way of financing the cost of your handset over 24 payments without relying on the typical carriers.

Though it’s more expensive than the average plan, it comes with Apple Care+ insurance to sweeten the deal—a bonus that would cost your $129 over two years and protects you from accidental damage. More importantly, you can upgrade your 8 at no extra cost once you’ve made 12 payments.

Without the upgrade program, and without having made 12 payments, you’ll have to finance your new phone the old-fashioned way. Even if you stick with the 6.1-inch cheaper model, you’ll either have to eat the new cost or wait until a used one goes on sale.

That’s no easy feat! If you opt for the latter, it could take awhile. Make sure your current can last. Save it from accidental spills and other mishaps until you can make the switch by wrapping it in an iPhone skin from dbrand. It’s a slim fitting accessory that increases the handset’s grip, so you’re less likely to drop it. In addition to superior grip and protection against scratches,dbrand skins for your iPhone X come in exclusive colors and textures, including the latest black camo and red dragon skin. Whether you choose a trendy new design or something more traditional like a carbon fiber iPhone skin, they’ll keep your phone protected until you’re ready to upgrade.

As with any rumor, only time will tell if these ones are true, so you might not even have the opportunity to upgrade at all. Until Apple confirms or denies the buzz surrounding their brand, it’s all just guesses. However their lineup unfolds, the upgrade program and a well-made skin are a practical addition to phone regardless of the outcome of the WWDC 2018 and fall’s line announcements.

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