The Workplace Prospers With Positive Acknowledgement

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Each employer should have a system of acknowledgments and rewards for exceptional performance on the job for employees. This guarantees the staff knows their efforts are appreciated and it encourages a repeat performance of any outstanding work ethics. The employer should decide the best methods to reward job performance for their business. Technology companies should probably give out bonuses and high tech gadgets for the home or car. Schools should reward staff with bonuses, raises and trophies like crystal awards.

Celebrate the Milestones of Employees

Depending on the pay scale, a business can decide the most effective acknowledgment to offer their employees. Celebrate the milestones achieved by your staff with recognition. Consider celebrating their anniversaries with the company. Five year, ten year and twenty year anniversaries are often overlooked, but consider how they would boost morale.

Find Employee Behavior that Should be Encouraged

A company that competes for business with industry leaders might want to consider awarding the groups of employees responsible for achieving a specific goal, such as winning a contract from a sought-after-account. Another awarding opportunity could arise when employees reduce the overall cost of a department through unique means. This would give the company a chance to encourage similar behavior in other departments.

Sales Departments

Obviously, if sales are your business, rewarding a big sale is probably commonplace. Do you also encourage landing new contracts with large clients? Do you reward those who secure on-going business deals that result in repeat orders for years or into infinity? If you’re in a business like insurance, do you reward people who convince a client to switch carriers? Or do you reward salespeople for continuing a relationship into subsequent generations or through the turn-over of ownership or management?

Employee of the Week, Month or Year

This is a very effective way to acknowledge hard work. For a period, the employee is lauded and given accolades about their exceptional performance and maybe they are given a trophy and/or a gift certificate or some other type of monetary reward. Other employees that witness the winners moment of glory should be inspired to copy what they have seen. Usually, the employee is photographed and their picture and accomplishments appear in a company newsletter, on a bulletin board or some other area where other employees of the company can see it.

Customer Service is Often Awarded

Your customer service department has the public visibility of your company. You always want to encourage customer service personnel to be on their best behavior. When they help the customer, it reflects positively on the company. When they go out of their way to help, it is even more positive. Reward these hard-working employees well so that they continue to put a welcome face on your company. Happy customers return repeatedly, plus they encourage new people to try your services or products.

Award the Thinking Employee

Many employers just want their employees to show up and act like robots. They never want to hear what they think. Your greatest resource for conservative work suggestions will come from the employees doing the work. Never stifle their suggestions, instead encourage them by rewarding the good suggestions. A lot of innovation comes directly from the salaried employee. Take advantage of that by staging forums where they can speak freely when they offer suggestions of improvements.

Ask How Your Employees Would Like to Be Recognized

Oddly enough most employers are not on the same page as their employees. It’s a good idea to ask when you have no idea how they would want to be recognized. Give them a multiple choice option and allow them to select the recognition they would most appreciate. You might discover some interesting ideas, such as sending a shout-out over social media sites. Many of your employees would love an opportunity to have their family and friends see how much their employer values their contributions.

Gamify Your Recognition

You could turn the act of improving work performance into a game and have employees compete to see who could save the company more. The winner could receive cash, gift cards, discounts at local stores, etc.

Using recognition could be the difference between your having high turnover or lifelong employees. By rewarding your staff, you are encouraging good behavior and healthy competition between employees. Do this and watch the years roll by as a growth company with happy and content employees.

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