Things to consider while buying smartphones in India

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This is an era of smartphones, it was all first started by Motorola, then Apple and now is finally being led by Google.  This same evolution is now in India. Cell phones in India are now rapidly being replaced by smartphones. There are various brands some are originated in India and some are of course from leading worldwide companies. Now according to this current world we have thousands of varieties to consider while buying.

Not everybody is that geek for sure. Like, we can now see many specifications with features both in terms of hardware and software. Most think, “we should consider brand” and some “latest technology with best specs are consider no matter whatever the brand may be”.

Buying mobile phones in India

So I am finally here to overall recollect what all one has to consider to buy a perfect smartphone according to your usage scope or choice.

First thing first: Type

Before buying think of what type of phone you need? What is your daily usage mostly focussed on? And other works. So you need to clear your way. If we come to specific path then for sure if you are a gamer or need a larger screen with professional, business use then you will have to have a quite large wallet, if you have tight budget then you may consider local Indian brands for sure but still that would range more than 10K.

If you are decent user with quite less but need some higher level of communication then yes entry level smartphones would do wonders for your work. But still there are more basic parts to be defined which are further explained.


There was one time when people in India use to say I’m Going to Buy Nokia instead of Using I’m Going to Buy Phone, that is what i call Branding.

Mobile Brands

As already mentioned there are various brand of smartphones available in India the most leading brands are Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and then the companies which have originated in our country like Micromax, Lava, Intex, Karbonn etc.

So the question is, which one to be considered? There are now various factor where you have to look deeply. The most important thing to notice in the device is what type of quality chips are being used. Excluding the Foreign leading companies if we come to native companies this is where we will have to consider the most. If we look in the processor, maximum are made from Mediatek which gives out quite decent performance and can be considered and some with partnership of top quality companies like Intel Chip which is being used in Lava devices.

So one has to take a first look at its processor brand before moving forward. Most are Chinese low quality based (with no identity) which one has to avoid at all cases as they guarantee no performance no matter how much powerful it is.


Customer Service

You might be quite happy to buy a device with super strong specs with lowest price and you might thing that you have got the best deal ever, best known in this case is Micromax. But have you ever thought what could happen if your device ever failed to start or crash or maybe some chip defect occurs? Of course you will take it to service centre. But most will take decades to repair or exchange the parts of the device this is where Indian company phones suck the most. But if we strictly compare between the giants, then Nokia steals the show as it has the fastest and most efficient service, no matter what problem you face.


Mobile Camera

Yes, if you have photography in mind and Indian branded phone are your first choice then yes you will have to take a deeper testing of what quality snapshot does the device has. One thing to make clear is that NEVER consider its megapixels as mentioned. Not because they are lying or any other sort of thing like that, but because it all depends on what type of Sensor chip they are using. It all depends on the sensors capture quality. The best known to lead in this case are Lenovo and Karbonn they have quite decent quality in this range.

Build Quality

It is not that necessary but still phones often slip from out of our hands accidentally and give us a mini heart attack. That won’t effect for sure but if you are a rough user and often face this then it is a must to have at least a smartphone with Gorilla screen glass. Because glass is the core part of the exterior phone. Rest all can be managed by Case and Covers available simply at the store.

I would like to Conclude this by saying…

We do will have to look at smartphone according to our daily needs, but if one has a tight budget then one will have to look more further to what it has got inside the gadget. According to me, one does not need to worry about this much if you have bought from the top level companies like Samsung, Sony and that too High-end because they are already having the top quality for sure.

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