Things To Consider While Choosing Web Hosting For A Blog

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There are a number of web hosting companies these days and choosing a hosting company for your blog often becomes tough. While most of the reviews might be in favor of the hosting company, the actual service might not be that great. There are a number of bloggers and businesses that love wordpress hosting and the services on offer. Once you look at the offers that WordPress has to offer, you will realize the benefits that it offers. If you’re looking for a hosting plan for your blog here are a few factors you should consider before picking one out.

1. Bandwidth:

The amount of bandwidth you purchase is one of the most essential factors in determining the success of your blog. The higher the bandwidth, the better the blog will manage to handle traffic. If you’ve got a huge fan base and the traffic to your blog is high, always opt in for a hosting plan which provides more bandwidth. The cost for high bandwidth is decreasing these days, so it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket if you choose the right provider.

2. Uptime:

This factor determines how often the hosting services stop working. Always look for a service provider that ensures at least 99% up time. This lowers the risk of your blog being unavailable due to the hosting provider. Due to the advancements in technology these days, most hosting providers provide 99.99 percent up time guarantee.

3. Control Panel:

Also known as the cPanel, this is the place your blogs are controlled. This is the most popular control panel when it comes to hosting. cPanel is more reliable and user friendly, however if your blog is under Z-Blog you might need to opt in for a Windows control panel. Although Windows control panels are not as popular as the cPanels, they are the next best thing. cPanel does not support Z-Blog, so the only option you’re left with is windows control panel.

4. Disk Space:

While all the other factors are essential, the disk space is something you need to check out before you invest in a hosting plan. This space is basically the amount of MB or GB you’ll have available to upload your content. A number of bloggers choose to upload images along with their blogs. These images take up a lot of space so if you’re looking for a hosting plan check for one that has enough disk space to support your files.

5. Price:

Considering the number of hosting plans available in the market these days, blog hosting plans are quite cheap these days. One of the best ways to choose the ideal hosting plan is to check out all the factors mentioned above and then compare the prices.

You’ll find a number of hosting providers, so don’t settle in for the first one you find. Do a little research and check out which service provider is giving you the best deal. If you choose an annual hosting plan, or one that’s valid for around three years you will end up getting more discounts on these services. However you need to be sure before you get locked in for such a long duration. Discuss with your hosting provider and select one only after you’re satisfied with the features and services offered. While it is best to start with a low budget provider, you will eventually need to make room for your website to grow and this is where WordPress holds an upper hand. You will have the scope to increase the number of visitors without your website getting affected.

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