Top 10 Best CyanogenMod Themes for Android

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Custom ROMs are the best things for Android devices and they are specially designed for to get an elegant look and superior functionality. In the current market scenario, there are numerous custom ROMs available across the web and the best one among these is CyanogenMod. In addition to providing a wide range of features, this one also supports most of the devices.  Here we come with some of the best CyanogenMod themes for those who want great looks on their devices.


Requirements to Install CyanogenMod Themes:

  • The device must have root access.
  • CyanogenMod (CM9/ 10/ 10.1) must be installed on the device.
  • Theme Chooser should also be installed to choose from the numerous CyanogenMod Themes.

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP

If you love the love the Stock Jelly Bean look, you should get this and it is completely customizable to Jelly Bean Extreme with the addition of new icons.

Alloy Orange Theme CM10.1

This is one of the best CyanogenMod themes and it features a metallic look with minimalist design. This theme is integrated with a dark metallic mix of buttons, checkboxes, sliders and 3D style perspectives elements and icons. It is also available in different color options including Blue, Pink, White and more.

Simplex Blue Theme CM10.1

It is a simple theme that boasts of a fresh and minimal UI featuring a cool gray color scheme and fine hints of blue that provide a perfect and unique look to your device.

5UBZ3R0 Theme AOKP CM9 10.1

This is a CyanogenMod theme with a digital effect and 3D icons that are compiled with elegant Black and Blue colors. It will provide a darker look to your device with sharp blue highlights that look like a dark night with lightning.

Flow Theme for CM9/CM10.1

This is a fully integrated theme with new widgets, icons, navigation bar, keyboard design, camera UI, status bar and much more. There are new designed graphics and other elements.

Ubuntu CM10/CM10.1 Theme

With this theme, you can make your device look like one based on Ubuntu OS. Once it is installed, all the icons and elements are tweaked with Ubuntu interface.

HOLO Light Red AOKP/CM Thene

This is one of the best and simplest CyanogenMod Themes that has an elegant look with impressive customization options. The theme uses a combination of light red and white color option that makes the theme pretty beautiful and it uses newly added icons, additional navigational buttons and much more.

Sense 5 CM10.1

Sense 5 is the interface of HTC smartphones and this theme offers the same look on other devices that are installed with it. It is a power packed theme that features complete integration.

MattedBlues CM10/AOKP Theme

If you love matte design and shades of blue and dark gray with a touch of minimalism, the MattedBlues is definitely the theme that will suit your Android device.

CM 10.1/AOKP Theme Neon Colors

This theme provides a unique and multicolored theme. The theme features multicolored icons on status bar, drawer and settings. Also, it comes packed with new unique themes and is clearly one of the best CyanogenMod Themes.

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