Top 10 Convincing Reasons to Use EaseUS Partition Master

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Every hard disk needs to have necessary partitions which ensure that it can accommodate data as per the category. It is a must to organize data into more than one partitions of a hard drive and also looks sensible to users since this way tracing of data becomes easier and much convenient. There are a number of system drives which often run scheduled maintenance tasks such as cleaning or defragmenting, to endow a better computing experience to the users.

Several computers experts who recommend keeping the data in files in a single partition of a hard drive since formatting of any partition without taking the required back up can lead to loss of data.  But with the new and convenient to use partition managers, they are expanding their horizons to explore more. EaseUS Partition Manager is popular software that has emerged as a tool to manage as well as arrange partitions in a hard drive. Further, it endows additional services than other what is offered in existing software. Also referred to as partition magic free, this software has a list long of benefits which convince the users to use it excessively for creating, adjusting, deleting or formatting the partitions.

Let’s take a look at what all benefits this effective Windows 8 Partition Manager has to offer:

  • Excellent user interface – This benefit has been mutually agreed by many dedicated users. EaseUS has been evolving time and its latest version has come out really well than all its previous versions. With such up-gradations, it now features an all improved UI that facilitates newbies to easily manage their partitions by following the instructions given in the manual. Precisely, it has now become self-explanatory.

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  • Offers support to larger disks – Using free version of EaseUS Partition Master supports to 8TB disks whereas setting as new record, its commercial version is tested to support up to 16TB. This software is unarguably the most amazing tool to be used since these days many hard disk drives come with mega capacity. Putting at work software that can handle huge volumes makes sense.
  • Facilitate easy conversion between MBR and GPT Disks – As reviewed and tested GPT disks are much faster in operation and endow great help in working with some of the high-capacity hard disk drives. If as a user, it is your prime need to convert regular hard disk drive MBR into GPT, EaseUS is an ideal partition manager to make it happen. It will do all the work without losing a byte of your data.
  • Impressive in-built WinPE 3.0 Bootable Disk: This highly useful Windows 8 Partition Manager come equipped with an in-built WinPE 3.0 bootable disk, which works in great compatibility with other disk management software with added stability & compatibility at a reasonable price.
  • A full-fledged Partition Solution: It works as a fully-featured partition maintenance solution that is ideal to be used by household as well as enterprise users. It caters to their disk maintenance and partition requirements by making use of single software without costing a fortune.
  • Secures the data: Another standby assurance that this software give is that the data in the hard drive remains secure. Owing to the fact that it is stable partition management software, it comes equipped with all the required data security features.

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  • Helps to extend NTFS System Partition without asking for a Reboot: This amazing software facilitates the users to expand system partition which results in improved system performance along with minimizing its downtime without asking for a system reboot. This helps in reducing the cost incurred on system maintenance.
  • Fast performing backed by free technical support: EaseUS enables its users to enjoy prompt assistance since a team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers is deployed to assists all the user’s queries. With its free lifetime technical support, customers are encouraged to explore more of its benefits than all the above listed.
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