Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Embrace Native Advertising

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With the emergence of technology, the business environment has taken a complete shift. For any serious company, advertising makes the difference. For you to realize your profit, you must make known your products and services to consumers. You can only do this through advertising. For a long time, companies have used print media and the television as a means of advertising.

However, this has completely changed with the emergence of native advertising. This involves use of videos, articles and images to reach out to consumers. This is achieved through the use of various social platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram, among others. The following are top four reasons why you should embrace native advertising.

1) Brand Loyalty

Native advertising involves selecting a target market for your company. Customers give direct feedback on your product and services. Through this you design products that suit them and address their needs. In the long run the customer will feel more valued and appreciated. There is no bigger asset for a company than a customer’s loyalty.


Through native advertising you are able to constantly remind your customers of your products in the market. Once you introduce a new product in the market they embrace it. This is because they already identify with you and feel safe using your products. Through their loyalty they even convert to brand ambassadors and your profit margins will be on the roof

2) Relevance.

Through native advertising you reach out to the specific market that you wish to sell your products to. This is different from a Television commercial which is quite general. It targets anyone. With native advertising, the platforms of delivery give you a choice to select your targeted market. If for instance your selling products that address women’s healthy you specifically select that.

The platforms even give you the ability to choose the age bracket and even the geographical area that you wish to target. Through this you are assured that your brand reaches out to the consumers. The consumers can review the product and your sales team can do a follow up to close on the sales.

3) Consumer awareness

Most consumers are turned off by advertisements that seem to make a sale. Customers develop a skeptical attitude towards a brand and simply avoid it. However, through native advertising, you are able to educate the consumer of the relevance of your products to them. Consumers look out for products that address their everyday needs. They look out for products that solve their problems. This may not be elaborated in other types of advertising.


However though native advertising, companies are able to run a video for instance. The video identifiers the problems in the society and clearly elaborates how to solve it. At the end of the video, the consumer in introduced to the product and shown how to solve it. This will definitely convert this to a sale and the consumer will feel you care about them. They will feel a sense of belonging and even share this information with friends and family.

4) Cost effective

Every company wishes to realize profits. This can only happen through effective management of running costs and expenses. While advertising is a great tool to enable you make profits, it can also turn your business into a loss marking venture. Take for instance running a television commercial on prime time. This is quite expensive but can be great if the sales come flowing as a result of the advert.

The flip side of the coin is that it can ruin your business if no sales are realized. This may take some time before your company recovers. However native adverting is cheaper and more effective. Sharing your company’s products and services to a specific market will lead to conversion.

A well packaged advert will appeal to the emotions and needs of the customers and they will come calling. Once they like your goods and services, they bring you more customers by sharing your products. They do this through their social networks and a viral effect is created.


This essentially means they advertise your products for free. Through this the customers can also give you direct feedback on what you need to improve or add on the products. This saves you money since you do not need to conduct market surveys to get consumer feedback on your products.

Through native advertising a company can also conduct market intelligence on competitor brands and create strategies of countering the same. This saves you a lot time and money in human capital.

Therefore, native advertising is an aspect that can no longer be ignored by any serious company. Learning the tricks around it and how to package your ad will give you a competitive edge. Making a follow up and constantly engaging customers and their feedback will lead to conversion. Embrace it and turn your business in to a gold mine.

In case you wish to engage a professional to handle your native advertising for your company check out AdNow. This is an international advertising company that will handle all your advertisement needs and create fascinating adverts for your company and give your brand a competitive edge.

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