Top 5 Photo Editing Online Websites

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Most of the photographers make use of Adobe Photoshop to edit those snaps that they have clicked, but this requires you to spend lot of money on buying the software. These are other optics for the usual photography enthusiasts or common people to edit the snaps without spending any penny from your pocket.

It is a trend to post edited snaps be it normal ones or selfies on social media websites such as Facebook. By saying edited we mean that the snaps might be subject to some effects or it could be a collage and more. If you have been wondering on how they edit the snaps, you have landed at the right place as you will get a solution here. We have listed some of the best online photo editing websites that will help you to edit your photos for free.

Those websites that are listed below have unique set of picture effects and customizations. If you want your friends to wonder how you have posted such a wonderful and outstanding photo, do check out on these websites. Notably, these websites are quite popular online photo editing tools that are free of cost to use.

photo editing


PicMonkey provides an auto adjust feature and it lets you rotate, crop, adjust colors, modify exposure, sharpen and resize the snaps. The website features a myriad of options that will touch up portraits and a wide choice of effects. You can add overlay, text, frames, textures themes and a lot more to your photos. If your intention is to simply edit and add frames to the snaps, this website would definitely be very useful.


piZap is focused towards teenagers and children who are looking to add quirky effects and frames to their photos. This website provides the ability to quickly and successfully piZap Facebook photographs. There are individual tabs to touch up and resize photographs, but it is not possible to do both the actions simultaneously. There are limited options to add colored text styles, twist the photographs and add backgrounds and frames.

Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr has a massive tool set that is similar to Photoshop including features layer masks and filters such as Unsharp Mask Gaussian Blur.  You can create a new picture without any outside help or any picture you already have. All you have to do it simply edit the picture as much as you want and proceed with saving the file. Also, you can move to any step that you have already done without much hassle.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a free web editing tool created by Adobe. You will have to create an account on and this will empower you to make use of a host of free gimmicks. The site provides free online links and galleries to popular sharing sites including Twitter, Facebook and others. You can perform basic editing such as changing exposure, cropping and changing color using this website besides the support to pixelate and crystallize images.


Lunapic is quick and easy to access and it enables you to create slide shows, use reflective imagery, paste images from different apps and retro color your images. There is an option to comment and vote on images and over 200 effects to choose from to edit the snaps. You can also open photos from a web URL that is pretty handy.

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