[Top 5] Technologies That Might Change Digital Marketing

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Throwing all your resources because of a new social network that is trending is a lousy investment. Professionally, you should not rush on marketing trends. Boldare.com offers some technologies that will serve your real need. Some of the digital technologies you find are slow moving and therefore deserve attention.

However, most are not for flitting off to obsess every technology emerging. You should, therefore, be aware of some seismic undercurrents operating in your industry.

Here, you will learn on some of the technologies that poise to change digital marketing:

Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Google home ad Amazon Alexa are just examples of voice assistance. The people owning these devices use them for news briefing functions. Besides, they are essential for voice controlled music functions. When people continue to get familiar with the tools, their applications will continue to expand.

The specialists dealing with search engine optimization are now focusing on “voice user interface.” it will change on the way people search for things.

Deep Machine Learning and IBM’s Watson

People can apply deep machine learning to millions of proprietary documents, patents, studies, and other information while extracting a chart detailing data points and graphs. They potentially lead to new patients solutions.

Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens

There is an augmented reality app where you can paint colors to appliances that you pick. The customers select through HoloLens, and they remain relatively untapped.

Microsoft Hololens game view

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality company and sold to Facebook. It keeps dropping prices up to the point that a consumer can pick $200 instead of $2,000 price tag but for serious users. For Facebook, it knows that these technologies get the value to its advertisers with an increase of users.

Alphabet’s Waymo

Self-driving cars will become a massive culture shift. For marketers, more people will continue looking at the device as the cars drive them to destinations. It means an addition for digital ads.

Waymo (Google Alphabet) & Honda Collaborating On Self-Driving Car Tech

It will be bad news and especially to billboards. Even though, its lead-in time has become slow like augmented reality and virtual reality. It will, therefore, be much slower with the regulations on the way cars will bypass and address.

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger

Some forward-thinking industries are engineering robotic helpers for advising their customers and advertising to for years. This opportunity is now reaching the mainstream using a simple app: Chatbots and Facebook Messenger.

Some can respond through messenger and smart enough such that they hold complex situations. You will find that those companies that engineer Chatbots becoming useful. They are sprouting up for them to handle the new technology.


With the rise of technology in marketing, there is a need to keep an eye on those technologies that will disrupt marketing. It will not matter on the device or advancement that you need to pay attention. What is essential is the one that offers a significant market with a warrant mass adoption. Besides, those marketers in crannies and nooks can now live off Facebook’s chatbots. The question whether its right for anyone or should be something we should escape.

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