Top Countries With The Greatest IT Talent

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The IT sector can be considered one of the industries with the lowest competition among applicants. The developers are still in high demand, and they are offered decent salaries. Nevertheless, a number of countries can boast a special engineering talent that contributes to the flourishing of nearshore software development.  Let’s find out what are the most attractive countries for nearshore IT outsourcing.

The Study of HackerRank

HackerRank is a social platform that is designed to test abilities in the field of programming. With its help, developers can improve their knowledge and skills, and the nearshore outsourcing companies can find talented programmers. A great study on which countries are the best for developers to live in was published on the platform’s website. The research was based on the estimates of 1,500,000 developers, and the key indicators were the speed and accuracy with which people coped with their tasks. Organizers took into account the preferred types of tasks, as well as programming languages for specialists of specific countries. Below is the rating of the countries in which the best developers live.

Top Countries With the Greatest IT Talent

  1. In the list of HackerRank, China took the first place. When it comes to specific tasks, China demonstrates the best data structure, mathematics, and functional programming.
  2. It is not surprising that Russia has shown such strong results. The strongest side of the developers of this country are algorithms that are the most popular type of tasks on the HackerRank website.
  3. The best Java programmers live here. It should be noted that in this country programming courses are actively taught in schools.
  4. Switzerland is one of the strongest countries in all areas of programming. It is worth noting that in this country one of the first programming languages, Pascal, was developed.
  5. Hungary deserves the fifth place in the list, thanks to its performance indicators in the educational process. Hungary was one of the first European countries to introduce programming lessons in primary and secondary schools.
  6. Japan makes great success in the direction of creating AI (artificial intelligence). Therefore, it is not surprising that these coders solve quickly and effectively all the problems related to AI.
  7. Taiwan received high scores for databases, algorithms, functional programming, and tasks for applying data structures. The study showed that among the developers of this country, the overwhelming majority prefers Python.
  8. According to the HackerRank study, programmers from France are good at tasks related to C ++.
  9. The Czech Republic. Programmers of this country cope well with mathematical problems.
  10. When it comes to database and learning tasks, Italy shows really impressive results.

The Place of Ukraine and Some Info About Ukrainian Programmers You Should Consider

Ukraine took 11th place among 50 countries with the best programmers. The same resource recognized Ukrainian IT specialists as the best in IT security and named Ukraine one of the five countries with the best mathematical training of programmers. These two facts allow saying that Ukrainian coders are one of the best offers for hiring nearshore software developers.

Moreover, according to the Skillotron platform, Ukrainians are faster than anyone else in the world to solve programming problems and are willing to spend more time on it.  Together with Ukraine, Argentina was mentioned in the rating, but it is noted that Ukrainian developers are ready to devote much more time to tasks. It is also worth to say that Ukrainian coders get adequate payments for their work and this is one of the decisive factors in choosing nearshore development services and making a decision in favor of Ukraine.

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