Top Things To Do On A Plane When There’s No WiFi

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Flying has revolutionized the way we think about transportation or traveling. It’s great and pretty amazing that we can cover such huge distances in such a short period of time. But even with today’s speed, some flights take what seems like forever. People that travel by air a lot might know what it means to be on a twelve hour flight, so for them it’s certainly not as exciting. The only thing that could make things worse is not having access to the internet, as can happen when flying. This puts some dramatic limitations on what you’re able to do as a pastime activity, but don’t fret. We’re here to remind you of some neat things you can do to pass time during your fight.

Isn’t There A Show You Wanted To Watch?

TV Shows are constantly cramping up our to-do lists, and a long flight is the perfect opportunity to watch an entire season, maybe even two of a new show you’ve been meaning to check out. You might think that you need WiFi for this but you can just use the Offline feature provided by Netflix in order to download a season or two of a show directly to your computer.

Listen To Music

This might seem like a no brainer, as most people tend to drift away with their earphones on, during a flight. However, this is a good time to pay closer attention to what your favorite artist is saying in those lyrics, and not just bop your head to the beat. On a daily basis it can be hard to pay attention to details with all the distraction around you, but on a flight there’s no one to hinder you from getting the true message behind every song. If normally listen to your music online, simply download a couple of albums offline with Spotify or better yet, download them off of YouTube. It’s free and all you need is a youtube converter. The service for instance lets you do that by only providing the link of the video you want to download to your device.

Try An Audiobook

Forget about books, and try an audiobook. The best part about them is that your eyes don’t get tired, and if you catch a window seat on your flight, you can use the clouds as an inspiration as you imagine what’s happening in the story. Audiobooks are great because they usually use a professional narrator that has a soothing voice, so it’s a lot easier to relax while enjoying the book.

Catch Up On Work

This might be the last thing you would want to do, but if you can catch up on work offline, it’s a good idea to do it. This way, you’ll be less swamped when you land and you’ll be able to enjoy more free time. Doing work is hard when you have other options, but when you’re in the air, you have little else to do so you might as well make sure that when you’re back on solid ground, work doesn’t get in the way of all that fun you can have.

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