TweetDeck by Twitter Review – Best tool to manage Twitter profile

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The official Twitter website isn’t too great rather very simple to use. Due to the super simplicity of the app it misses out many required features which users find in the third party apps.

There are lots of third party apps available which you can use to manage your Twitter account. But what if an official app is available and that too for free?

TweetDeck by Twitter

Yes, the official Twitter developers have made available an app using which Twitter profile can be managed very well and more new features can be used. The best part is that the app is available for free and I’m using it on my Chrome browser as extension.

TweetDeck Review

I’m here with my review of TweetDeck which is the official name of the app developed by Twitter to manage Twitter profile in a better way.

TweetDeck by Twitter Review

Once you get in to the TweetDeck then you’ll find four columns being updated which are Timeline, Interactions, Messages and Activity. The Timeline updates all latest tweets going on related to your profile, Interactions displays tweets which are being interacted with your profile, Messages displays all direct messages sent to you and Activity displays the twitter activity of people followed by you.

In fact, there is nothing new in the TweetDeck but all features of Twitter are well arranged so that users find easier to use them all.

So, TweetDeck is a desktop manager for Twitter. It’s available for Mac, Windows OS and also as extension for Chrome browser users.

Side bar optionsThe left hand side has got following options,

  • Write New Tweet
  • Search
  • Timeline
  • Interactions
  • Messages
  • Activity
  • Add Column
  • Expand
  • List
  • Settings

I don’t think any Twitter user needs explanation regarding these tools. The main focus here is that the desktop manager provides all these tools all together right at single place.

Users don’t even need to refresh as it will be done automatically. Users need to just setup the TweetDeck once and they never need to login or logout.

The overall user interface is also simple as you can expect in an app developed by official Twitter developers.

I hope you’re convinced with the features of the TweetDeck but the thought which may be coming to your mind now is that the setting up of TweetDeck may be difficult.

In fact, when I heard about it for the first time then I thought that why would I need a separate app to manage my Twitter account? I mean the official Twitter website works great for me but when I got into the TweetDeck then I experienced the benefit of using it and believe me it’s worth of that single minute which is required to set it up.

How to setup TweetDeck

There are two ways of setting up TweetDeck on your PC. One way is to download the app package as per your OS (either Mac or Windows) or you can use it as extension if you’re a chrome user.

setup TweetDeck

As I’m a diehard fan of Chrome browser so I install TweetDeck as extension. I found it on the Chrome store and it got installed within a single minute.

Alternatively you can download it from the official website for your PC. It supports Windows XP and all later versions and Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions.

Once you’re ready with the TweetDeck then login with your Twitter account and provide authorization to the app.

That’s it! You’re done with setting up of TweetDeck and now you’ll use Twitter in a well managed way.

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