Twentieth Century Technology and Online Gambling

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Samsung’s Android and Apple’s iPhones are some of the most popular and technologically advanced smartphones in the world. The launch of the new iPhone 8, iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 have brought smartphone users excitement to a whole new level, irrespective of the price tags. Apple and Samsung have acquired some bragging rights with the new features these phones boasts of. As we go further into the twentieth century, new technological innovations will bring changes and turn the gambling industry right on its head.

Apps can be expensive to develop, so casino and gambling apps need to be available on not only Apple but also Android app store for it to be worthwhile. Although the restrictions for gambling apps can be a hassle, Google has announced that it will now allow real money gambling apps on its Play Store in certain countries. This will encourage developers to create more mobile gambling apps. The only disadvantage is gambling payment transactions is currently not allowed on Google payment services while Apple Pay allows such deposit options. We are hoping that Google might change its stance soon, now that gambling apps can now be submitted to the Google Play Store.

While websites like Tux Slots can provide users with responsive experiences which allow the users to access progressive slot games on the go, developers are beginning to consider developing more native experiences which could better utilize the performance of the mobile devices to provide a more seamless experience. Some gambling companies like Foxy Bingo are targeting social media platforms such as Facebook with their apps and invented social gambling which utilizes virtual currencies and community gaming. Mobile sports betting apps and live-in play betting apps have also started emerging. Users can sit on their couch and place real time bets while the sport activity is playing live on tv.

As phones start to become more capable of handling augmented reality, this could kick-start the development of video slot games that integrate a user’s environment or real time flat surfaces into the game. Also, virtual reality handsets like the Samsung Gear VR, which uses the Samsung smartphones as processor and screen can also provide immersive experiences where the user can actually sit at a three-dimensional live table game while in their bedroom. There are many other ways to develop content around these new features and I can not wait to see what is in store.

As mobile gambling becomes more popular, the gaming industry will have to look closely at the trends smartphones are setting to determine the future development of mobile apps.

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