Twitter adds up Group Messaging and Video Uploads

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Twitter is the 2nd largest social networking site. The company is really trying hard to compete with the Facebook. Twitter is now starting to update with new features.


The first feature is to upload the videos directly after shooting. Earlier videos was shared through the Twitter’s standalone app called Vine. In the latest update Twitter app will be having a button which will lead you directly to phone’s camera app. After recording the video just tap the done button. You can add your friends that you are following to that particular video. Also you can edit the recorded videos before uploading. You only will be able to record video of 30 second duration. Currently the video feature is available only in iOS. But the company have mentioned the feature will come to Android devices in the next update.


Another feature Twitter is looking forward is the group messaging facility. Using the group messaging a user will be able to add 20 members to a particular group and can start chatting. All of the members need not to be followers with each other. Similar to other social networking sites you can share pictures, videos onto that particular group. Even you can provide a particular name to the group. If any of the member didn’t like the name then anyone can change it.

Well the above mentioned features are already available on many of the popular social networking sites. Still it is new on Twitter. Twitter is really working hard to grab user’s attention by including the new features. Twitter recently introduced a new “while you were away” feature couple of months ago. Using this feature the users can catch all the tweets from the other users while they were out of town or busy. All of the tweets will be notified if he or she is using the smartphone application.

The 2 new features have certainly grabbed user’s attention. It was user’s request about the 2 new features that intended Twitter to include both the feature. Soon the features will roll out on all the major smartphone application platforms.

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