Top 6 usage of hackathons

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An online hackathon is the coming together of all the programmers where they gather and code in a collaborative manner that is occurred over a short period. These are for a few days or days less than a week. The main aim of this is to enable a person to do things or tasks on whatever he is comfortable with. This will help them to gain a lot of interest in these matters. This is also known as a hack-fest or hack-day. The roots of this have been developed from the open-source arrangements. This concept is a hot topic of debate these days and many companies have started implementing these kinds of concepts to have its benefits.

In this, technology is used to hack to provide solutions to real-world problems. It is a 24-72 hour competition which is time-based and all the teams have to develop a particular product so that it can be used to solve various real-life problems. The product has to be developed from scratch. The team size can vary as per the situations and usually it consists of 2-6 members. This is a great experience for the students as well as the developers in extra regard to the academics and the curricular activities. Even many colleges organize such events and these can be even taken to the corporate levels as well.

These are the grounds for new events of the organizations. These are the tools to stimulate the talents and skills of the people developing them. These involve very low costs of failure. The time limit focuses them to do things in proper regard and pre-decided manners. The outsiders can have good experience in corporate events and great exposure to the goods and services of the companies. Engaging with participants is a way to make them excel in their fields. This is a great way to take feedback and then improve accordingly. This will help them to analyze the areas in which they are stuck and how to overcome such issues.

There are many benefits of hackathons. Some of them have been mentioned and explained as follows:

  • Innovations: These are the great methods to have a proving ground for new ideas. They help to stimulate the skills and increase the problem-solving capacities of the participants. They can even develop some risk-taking skills as well. The wide range of participants can have a multitude of perspectives. This will help them to have a productive atmosphere that will force the participants to have a direction and have a real view of the problems and solve them accordingly as per the current scenario. All of these things help to analyze the environment and find innovative solutions to the problems that already exist. Internal hacks can make some bureaucracy that will hinder the process of innovative ideas and this will limit the scope. These things will help to solve the problems ranging from a day to day problems to customer service aspects related to the creation of the new products or services. This will help to build the image of the companies in terms of innovation factors.

  • Creation of community: There are many upcoming startups in the technological field of this era. Many sensations are overnight in proper regard to the connections with entrepreneurs it has become important to create their innovations so that their community can be created. The developers are the experts of the coding languages and provide the fuel to generate innovations in the innovation-based communities. This helps to build the brand image and solve the various lying problems in the world.

  • Engagement of the developers: The hackathon help to bridge the gap between various engagements based developers. The competency lies in providing technology-related solutions so that there are people who can use and implement them so that the overall goals are being achieved. This feedback will help to increase developer adoption which is crucial if the communications go beyond the channels. This will help them to build such solutions that will help to achieve and fulfill the purposes.

  • Branding of the corporate: This will help to increase the public image and will increase the acquisition share in the minds of the developers so that they can have a great public image in terms of innovations and problem-solving skills. Hosting such events will also help to increase the existing links and will enable some new links via sponsorships of the events which will cause mutual benefits. This is a great way to target the audiences and create a community of people that will help to solve various problems in the real world. This will further help to increase the exposure of the brands in the real world.

  • Development of information practices: This will help in finding such topics that one would have never thought before hosting such events. The software solutions will help the people to enter into new markets so that they can widen their customer base and this will further enable them to achieve the goals of solving various problems and developing the new products and services. This will even give an idea about the innovativeness and infrastructure of a platform as well. This will help to base the genuine cases that will help to give proper justifications for the funds invested in those particular areas.

  • Recruitment and selection: These are the most effective ways to check the candidate’s abilities to perform some fixed tasks so that they can be thought of as final placement. This will help to match the skills of the employees with the job requirements of the organizations. They can even help to gain awareness for a particular company as well. This will help to attract and retain the top talents in a company and they will prove themselves as passionate for the task to be performed and achieve the personal as well as organizational goals.

So these are some of the benefits provided by the hackathons. These help in many ways and also helps in overcoming the real-life problems as well.

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