Using a Backlinks Monitor To Promote And Protect Your Business

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Are you concerned that you no longer have control of your website links? Would you like a solution to optimize your backlinks for better SEO results? If so, you are not alone.

If you have started using backlinks on your site, it is important to appreciate their impact on SEO. You also have to consider how Google’s algorithm updates affect your SEO backlink campaign.

Search is crucial for your SEO campaign because it drives most of the web traffic. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

The search engine has dominated the search engine market, maintaining an 88.47 percent market share as of April 2019.

These numbers emphasize the importance of adhering toGoogle’s webmaster guidelines on link building.

Since the 2012 Google Penguin Algorithm Update, link building has become tougher for everyone in SEO. This is why you have to constantly monitor activities on your site.

Using an SEO monitor helps avoid webmaster penalties and at the same time, boost your SEO strategy.

Backlinks And Google Algorithm Updates

To leverage inbound links for your SEO campaign, you need a background on this popular SEO tool.

Before 2005, link building followed no rules, and search engines had little control. SEO was all about acquiring links to promote ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Website owners invested heavily in link buying strategies to improve search ranking. However, Google ruffled things with Jagger Update in 2005.

This redefined the interpretation of a link by analyzing the anchor text, the content of the linking page, and speed of acquiring links. Many websites suffered penalties through this algorithm update.

However, SEO companies adapted first and continued black hat inbound linking techniques. This led to the largest Google algorithm update in 2012. Google Penguin was all about fighting low-quality links.

The algorithm update targeted black hat link building practices and link spam.  Google Penguin rewarded authority links but penalized spammy links.

Subsequent Google Penguin updates continue penalizing low-quality links. These penalties include real-time page downgrades.

Quality over Quantity Backlinks

The emphasis today is on quality over quantity when looking for inbound-links. You have to learn the best strategy for acquiring high authority inbound links.

 Some of the things to consider when building quality links include:

  1. Authority of the Site
  2. Authority of the Page

  iii. Relevancy of the Site

  1. Link’s Position on the Page
  2. Is the Link Editorially Placed or not? (Is the linking party doing so because of the value of your site’s content?)
  3. Link Anchor text considerations (using lots of keyword-rich anchor text links can lead to penalties as they look spammy)

   vii. Co-Occurrences (relevance of words around your link).

  viii. Nofollow .vs. Dofollow (Go for normal, “do follow” links whenever possible)

Why is this important for you? As a website owner, you have to maintain a white hat inbound-linking strategy.  

This requires you to monitor backlinks on your site constantly. Using the most effective backlink monitoring tool makes this tough task easier.

Leveraging a Backlink Monitor For a Successful SEO Campaign

Despite the stringent webmaster guidelines for link building, it is still possible to leverage this technique to boost the SEO campaign.

It is not easy to keep up with all changes related to links on your site. This makes a backlink SEO tool essential for your SEO campaign.

Some of the benefits of using backlink monitoring software include:

  1. Value For Money

If you have invested money in a link building project, you need to assess the performance of your investment. A good backlink monitor will give an evaluation of your links in terms of click-through rate (CTR) traffic, conversion, among other things. 

When you set out to acquire links, you must have measurable objectives.  These are the ones your inbound links helps you achieve. It is the only way to quantify the value of your inbound links.

  1. Protect Your Business Reputation

Building an online business is not easy. You have to put in money and a lot of time. When you start an SEO campaign, you require more capital injection.

All this can go to waste if you have low-quality links on your site. If you use an SEO company for link building purposes, you have to monitor every backlink they acquire to avoid ruining your business.

  1. Competitor Backlink Analysis

It is important to know how the competition does their link building campaign. Competitor analysis insight helps you to learn their new tactics, web pages links, and link building tools they use.

Using a good backlink monitor gives you all this crucial information to boost your strategy. You will always have the edge over your competitors.

  1. Overview Of Your Backlinks

Inbound links are at the core of your SEO strategy. As such, you need to review their status constantly.  Some of the status reports you will get vary from 404 Not Found (page is dead), Backlink not found, Meta nofollow, Meta noindex to Server down.

Check whether there are new links, their origin, broken links, lost links, characteristics of different links, and much more.

You will also find out who’s linking, the page they’re linking, domain authority, page authority and more.

  1. Comprehensive Site Information

The best backlink monitor offers more than the status of your inbound links. You will also get insight on your site ranking, competitor rankling, keyword rank tracking, organic traffic, bounce rates and much more.

All these SEO metrics help you make better decisions for your website.  You can also optimize your SEO campaign by chucking ineffective strategies.

At the same time, adopt those SEO techniques proven to work. This increases the ROI of your online business.

Bottom Line

Backlinks are at the core of any successful SEO strategy. The right inbound links not only boost your ranking on search but also increase relevant traffic to your site. 

However, you need to monitor every backlink to your site constantly. This is the only way to guarantee you only have high-quality links and avoid Google webmaster penalties.

Using an effective backlink monitor gives you control of your backlinks.  With the best backlink monitor, you also get invaluable SEO metrics to boost your SEO campaign. 

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