Using Technology To Market Yourself Online

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How do you make connections online? How do you market yourself? Are you marketing yourself for the purpose of a job? First, research the market in which you are trying to promote yourself. Once you have researched it, understand it.Websites are becoming incredibly ubiquitous in today’s society. There’s a reason for it too. Whether it’s a business or personal website, they are great marketing tools. You can create and build up an online presence with them or sell products if it’s an e-commerce business site. It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer, marketing your business or portfolio, a website will go a long way to benefit you.

Build a website

When promoting a website, you are promoting yourself.You can’t possibly start to market your capabilities online without first having built a website. First thing is first; you will require a hosting and domain to start setting up your site. You can get both with MutiPrimo domain registration. In fact, a domain name is included with a hosting plan. MutiPrimo provides help when needed with experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a live chat and by phone. Plus, the high quality serves to provide 100% green hosting as a bonus, making it a great source for hosting a website.

If you are marketing yourself through your website, you need to make sure your website is up to par. Keep everything on it looking organized and clean.Make sure your personal brand is powerful and know your target audience. Who are you marketing yourself to? Is there a particular niche for your website? Be confident in your ability to answer these questions before you delve too deeply into your website construction.

Include your resume

Your website can be a ticket to your future job or career if you so choose. When applying for any position, resumes are necessary. However, it is often hard to make your resume distinct amongst the sea of applicants. One of the ways you could stand out is by uploading an online resume that is tied to your website. Start by including an ‘About me’ section on your website for people to get to know you better. In addition to this, it could be beneficial to include a tab that contains your work experience in the field you are looking to get a job. Even include a video resume, if you so desire. All of the factors can help you stand out when marketing yourself and your capabilities. It can help make you stand out amongst everyone else applying for a particular job. Go the extra step and make sure that everything uploaded on your website looks neat and organized. You never want a potential recruiter to be stumbling on your site, unable to find your resume and about me section. Ensure your website is easy to navigate.

Upload a portfolio

What is your area of interest? Do you consider yourself to be an artist? Writer? Teacher? Regardless of what your particular interest is, including a portfolio of your expertise on your site. This is different to your resume as it should be more elaborate. In the case of photography, your portfolio could be your website itself, showcasing the photos you have taken and the projects you have worked on.In the case of photography, your website must be very visual. Clearly demonstrate your work on your site and allow people to easily contact you with contact details included. Consider yourself to be the brand you are trying to sell. If you were on the other end of the hiring process, what would you want to see on a potential employees’ website? Think about this when building your website portfolio.There are several tips to adhere to create a killer portfolio on your website. Some of these include being yourself, adding personality, showing off, creating fresh content, examples of previous work and so on. As with most things, do your research and constantly update your website with new work. 

Improve SEO

Marketing yourself with your website also means perfecting your search engine optimization skills. There are several ways you can improve your site’s SEO.For one, you need good keyword research. This includes keyword phrases that you should include on your site making it easier for people to find your website through a search engine. Be specific in your phrases. Depending on what your website is for, be sure to optimize your content. For example, if you were promoting organic honey, rather than only using the word ‘honey,’ reword the content to go into detail about buying organic honey, if it fits in with what you’re trying to achieve. That way, should someone be searching for organic honey on Google, your website article will pop up.Include keyword phrases that are specific to your goals. Moreover, avoid copying content from another site as this could result in potential copyright infringement and do nothing to boost your own site’s SEO. Be natural and write content that your target audience will enjoy and benefit from. Learning all the SEO skills necessary is a process.The first step is always knowing your website’s goal and who it is you are talking to.

Social media channels and the website

Technology has seen incredible advancements in social media. Use social media to your advantage when it comes to marketing yourself. Firstly, link your social media channels on your website. Most businesses use social media to market their brands and for brand awareness. Why shouldn’t you do the same for your own brand? If you are a photographer, you can share your content on different social platforms and engage with other photographers around the world while doing so. Take the example of Instagram. Post some of your latest work on your Instagram handle and use relevant hashtags for the photo to help other people find it. Make sure that your social media channels are on brand with the name of your website. Keep it consistent.

Promote yourself by becoming an online storyteller on your website. Be strategic in the stories you share and consider what you are trying to get out of it.Most importantly, always let your personality shine through your website. Whether it’s primarily based on images or words, your website is a great marketing tool that can help you for your future career.

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