Why Vinyl Is Making A Comeback

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With they’re being so many ways to access music digitally these days it is interesting that vinyl and record players are making a comeback.

It is true. vinyl once extinct has become extremely popular again. In fact sales of vinyl records grew by more than 50% to hit more than a million in 2014.

So what are some reasons for this unusual comeback? Here are a few theories:

  • Vinyl includes flaws in the music, which people actually enjoy. It is true. According to many vinyl experts, distortion in music coming from vinyl provides “warmth” to the music.
  • Vinyl allows for a complete track-by-track experience like the artists intended. Compared to a compact disc, it is much more delicate to skip tracks like a CD allows. For true music enthusiasts, vinyl gives a complete listening experience.
  • Vinyl provides that physical record allure that digital files can’t provide. You can’t touch a song on an iPod. You can though physically hold a piece of vinyl and have a complete collection that you can store under your bed or in your closet.
  • New technology has allowed for a hybrid between analog and digital. For example, people can now play digital music (via Bluetooth technology) right from their turntable. In addition, many new record players, like the turntables from Selby, include USB ports for digitally recording original vinyl onto portable devices, including with the crackles.

Even though with its comeback, the record industry does face some big obstacles.

  • For one, the overall general population hasn’t embraced it and it really only attracts a niche audience at the present time.
  • Millennials and other young populations aren’t very embraced with the older technology as they have grown up with technology much more advanced and more mobile compatible.
  • There isn’t that many factories that currently still produce vinyl records. For it to get bigger more record companies are going to need to invest in companies that are able to re-produce music into this type of format.
  • Purchasing vinyl will also be a challenge as there aren’t as many brick-n-mortar music stores like their once was. People, instead will have to purchase them online, so they won’t be able to “touch and feel” them before they buy them.

Besides the obstacles if an audience still enjoys putting the needle on the record, the vinyl industry will always have a place in society and will for years to come.

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