What Effect Will AR Have On The Online Gambling Experience?

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We live in an era of a technological revolution. Almost every industry on the planet has been affected by the changes in digital and information technology. This has filtered down to the very way people live and entertain themselves.

Online gaming has had to embrace many technological changes to keep itself relevant in a busy and stimulating world. 

Augmented reality is just another way that technology has changed gaming platforms and opened up a potential for high-quality reality betting. Online gambling technology is moving towards incorporating this into their games, giving the player a more immersive experience. 

What Exactly Is AR?

AR or augmented reality is an interactive and enhanced experience of a real-world place. It is an enhanced state where the objects that are present in the real world have a virtual overlay on them.

The sensations experienced are sight and sound, but sometimes touch, and smell will be used. What makes it even more exciting is that it can also include other sensations such as pressure, pain, or warmth. However, it is not a completely immersive experience; it only enhances the environment.

What Is The Difference Between AR And VR?

Augmented reality enhances the environment, whereas virtual reality (VR) shuts out the physical world and envelopes the user in a completely immersive experience. AR is usually experienced through digital devices like a smartphone.

Think of the game Pokemon Go. It uses augmented reality, and you are aware of your surroundings, but on your phone or tablet, Pokemon will appear. This changes what’s around you, but you’ll only notice it with AR-enabled technology.

With VR, you typically put on a headset and completely cut off the outside world. Imagine sitting on your couch and wearing a headset that allows you to ski down a mountain, or at the Lucky Nugget Casino playing blackjack with friends from the comfort of your home. 

How Will AR Effect Online Gambling?

Technology is pushing imaginations to the limits. Younger people are less likely to play online games unless the experience is exhilarating. Online casinos can’t hope to attract players if they aren’t prepared to move towards a more immersive experience. 

Augmented reality gambling might just be the trick to attract the younger generation, and keep the older generation entertained. 

Imagine being in your room, huddled over a poker table. You are surrounded by your friends who are plugged into the action from the comfort of their homes. The table, the dealer, and any other participants can all be added to the player’s view via AR technology.

This flexibility is what makes AR perfect for online gambling. The operator can decide what it wants to add to the player’s experience. It does not require any fancy equipment to work as in the case of VR, which needs special headsets. 

The casinos can customize the experience on an ad hoc basis. If, for example, Valentine’s day is around the corner, AR can be used to place specific valentines themed figures or sounds within the game itself. The player will then see those customizations when they play the game.

It will be the casino table games, which will most likely benefit the most from this technology. People want the real-deal experience, but they no longer wish to travel to enjoy it. AR will give gamblers the feeling of being at tables when, in reality, they are at home in front of their pcs. 

Does AR Have Any Limitations?

The technology is still very new, and as with any innovation, it has some limitations. The first challenge is the cost. Technological advancements, usually at the outset, are quite pricey. 

Even though online gambling operators might be committed to moving forward, it might not be a sustainable business model. The software would need to be integrated into their current portfolios, or even have to replace it altogether, and this could be a costly exercise.

It is not only the operators that need to invest in the technology. AR is currently most popular for smart mobile devices, as it takes advantage of the built-in image capture hardware and GPS.

To have the same immersive experience on a computer, would require the player to purchase extra equipment. Players might not be so keen to lay out money for a technology that isn’t fully developed and may be buggy when it’s first available. 

An extra unexpected challenge will be balancing AR with the standard products. Once an operator has started offering AR games, it will need to provide a broader portfolio or risk excluding certain people. Even if the technology is available, not everyone will purchase or use it. 

Online casinos will have to have both the usual 3D animated games as well as the AR games. If the casino offers AT roulette, it would need to provide the same roulette but as a standard game for the players who do not have an augmented reality enabled device. This will cause the cost of development to increase, and operators need to weigh the benefits.


The entertainment potential of AR is almost endless. Game developers working on new technology games will have to keep this innovation at the forefront of their minds. Regardless of the challenges that AR might bring, there is no doubt it is the future of online gaming. 

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