Why Hoverwatch Free Phone Tracker Is A Game Changer

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The Hoverwatch free phone tracker has been causing waves in the phone tracking world ever since it was launched, and for a good reason! Most have rushed to download it, others are still stuck with other apps; but the simple truth of the matter is that the Hoverwatch phone tracker is a game changer. Well, if you haven’t heard of this superb app that enables one to monitor and track mobile phones remotely, then read along.

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Key Features

1. GPS and Wi-Fi enabled Location Tracking System 

This feature works well for employers who need to know every location of their employees. As long as the cell phone has GPS system, installation of the Hoverwatch free phone tracker is all you need to complete the setup. What’s more, you can enable the stealth mode on the app so that you are the only person aware of what is going on. It is a more secure and convenient way of managing your company without sounding or appearing paltry.

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  • If you are a parent and have been looking for a way of tracking your children’s whereabouts and protecting them in an easier and simpler way, then Hoverwatch free phone tracker is what you have been looking for. No more worries concerning where your children are. The best part about it is that the kids don’t have to know that they are being watched anytime and everywhere.

2. Call Recording Capabilities

Can you imagine a phone recording app that records all the outgoing, as well as incoming calls? Well, this is your perfect bet. You can record all the communication that takes place within the specified phone. Moreover, you can do all this from a remote location as long as the device has an internet connection. This phone tracker is best for individuals who need voice evidence because you no longer have to look for a voice recorder so as to get the information, all you need is the Hoverwatch phone tracker app.

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3. SMS and MMS: Incoming and Outgoing

Without a doubt, this is the SMS and MMS era. Everyone is texting and chatting. It is the easiest way to send messages across. Now, imagine having somewhere to store all the incoming and outgoing messages even if they are already deleted from the phone. It is just a perfect spying tool. No more hiding. If you want to track your spouse’s conversations, your children’s communications and even employees relationships, you have the Hoverwatch phone tracker app at your disposal. Furthermore, with the social crave, you can save messages from Whatsapp and even Facebook. No more hiding!

  • Facebook

If you are using your Android device to access Facebook, Hoverwatch can help you track all the messages sent and received via the social media site. All the messages are perfectly saved as chats, and the best part is that it records both sent and received messages.

  • WhatsApp

The popularity of WhatsApp is without a doubt thrilling. What’s even more exciting is that you can now keep track of all the sent and received WhatsApp messages from any Android device. Besides, you also get all the conversations from group chats as well as videos, images, and audio files.

4. Browsing History Capabilities

There’s a lot that happens over the internet, both good and bad. When you have children using the internet, it is important to ensure that they are safe from the wicked things that nowadays happen all over the web. How can you best achieve this? Well, install the Hoverwatch free phone tracker to your children’s devices. This way, you will easily get all their browsing history. Once done, you will know how best to control their internet usage either by completely blocking some sites that you don’t approve of or by any other means that you feel comfortable using.

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How To Use Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

  • Hoverwatch phone tracking app is a very simple to use. As long as you can use a mobile phone, you are capable of using the app. After downloading it, you will get a secret PIN at the end of the installation process. Since most people love the stealth mode, the PIN is required to launch it. Once the software is launched, you are at liberty to either delete it or change the settings. However, it is not a must that you do this from your device; you can do it from any other device that is online.
  • If you are wondering what if you forget your PIN? Well, no need to worry. With the user panel provided with the software, you can always look the PIN up using any other online device. This basically means that you can change your invisible mode anytime, anywhere.

Hoverwatch Phone Tracker Users 

This app is not so much about curtailing the freedom or privacy of your children and employees. Rather, it is a smart tool to sets the boundaries between enabling them to do what they please, without exceeding the expected norms. You are able to monitor your employees, and also keep an eye on the online activities of your kids.

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