Why Is Youtube Marketing So Important For Your Business?

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If you’re a modern-day business trying to find your place in the marketing of this day in age, then you obviously know that YouTube plays a huge role in creating an engaged, dedicated audience, and a real foundation for your brand.

This is simply a fact of the digital age that current companies are trying to survive in, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how YouTube Marketing really does benefit your business? We’ve laid it all out for you in our article below to help answer the question about YouTube Market you’ve always been wondering.

We’ve provided you with YouTube marketing examples, strategies, and some basic knowledge on why YouTube marketing matters.

Why Does YouTube Marketing Matter?

We won’t dive too deep into this part, but we will throw some numbers at you in order to help get the idea through your head. People are spending more time watching YouTube and taking the advice of trusted YouTubers and celebrities on YouTube than ever before. Working on YouTube provides you with a market that you likely would never have reached before. With over 1.57 billion active YouTube User monthly, and about 30 million daily users, the YouTube market is an enormous, unique, and beneficial one if establishments learn how to use it correctly.

Influencers Partner with YouTubers

In this day in age, consumers put their trust into familiar faces and influencers they know. That’s why several businesses have taken the route of starting to partner with celebrities, micro-influencers, and macro-influencers, too. This helps your brand build credibility with the help of a well-known influencer, and helps bring an untapped audience to your brand, too! Websites like VeryVoga and JJ’s House have both participated in this practice in order to build a following, gain credibility, and attract a new audience to their marketplace. The only downside to YouTube influencers would be that they tends to charge much more than others, but that expected when you think about the production value, scripts and everything else between that needs to be prepared prior to recording. If you run a start up business with a lower budget it might be wiser to start with Instagram influencers prior to YouTube.

People Spend More Time Watching Videos

As we said before, people are spending more and more of their time watching YouTube Videos. With over 500 million YouTube views per day (on mobile alone) and over 5 billion videos watched per day, it’s no secret that getting your brand onto YouTube successfully is the secret to gaining access to a broader, bigger audience. In fact, businesses are beginning to take note. According to research from Omnicore, most millennials prefer YouTube two-to-one over traditional TV, and because it’s primarily millennials you’re (likely) reaching out to, it’s a great way to conveniently reach them. Advertising on YouTube, partnering with famous and well-known YouTube Influencers, and creating interesting, engaging content for YouTube is the modern-day secret to building a bigger, broader audience for your brand.

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