Why Mobile Gaming is the hottest thing in the gaming world

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Players who are into old-school gaming are known to look at mobile gaming with a certain dose of derision and see it as incapable of producing top-quality games. Even nowadays when that opinion and attitude have proven to be utterly wrong and mistaken, some gamers still doubt the potential of mobile gaming.

In this article, we will try to dispel these doubts and demonstrate why mobile gaming is the new hottest thing in the gaming world. Expect to see special insights and precedents from the history of gaming.

Cost vs Performance

Depending on what you think about the importance of cost vs performance ratio, you can decide if the new releases of Xbox and PlayStation consoles are worthy in terms of quality of gaming and considering the cost of production.

In our opinion, the results are far from convincing. Even though we waited seven years for new releases and systems, the improvement in the visual aspect of the new systems is not on the desired level. The example that best illustrates this is the reaction from fans about the new Halo Infinite game.

The culprit for this might be the diminishing returns. Much more is invested than earned. Despite the increases in the processing power of these gaming consoles, the leaps in visual quality and graphics like the ones from the PS1 to PS2 transition are not there. The complexity of the gameplay has not improved much either, which goes in mobile gaming’s favor.

The basis of modern gaming systems is, in fact, quite simple and standard as we still hover around 3D environments, where you can move, shoot, duck for cover, and have all other features that have been there for years. The only thing that has changed is the extra visual features latched on the gameplay experience.

This fact is vital since you can basically strip these visual layers without any major changes in the actual gameplay, which is perfect for mobile gaming. Another good thing is that you can have scalability options with such a visual architecture like never before.

Software Scalability

Why do you think we are so convinced that software scalability is going to find its way to the next generation of gaming consoles? To answer this question, we have to look at the current state of things in the video gaming world and discuss its components.

First and foremost, the popularity of mobile devices and their prevalence in the world can’t be overlooked. Gaming companies are now following in the footsteps of casino software providers such as Evolution gaming and beginning to build games for this platform.

When smartphones took over the market, the online casino industry took advantage of their potential immediately and launched mobile phone slots like Stampede, Panda Pow, and many others. These online casino games, some of which you can find at CasiGo Casino, differed from classic video games in terms of visual requirements mostly, but that too seems to have changed.

With stronger and more powerful smartphones came even stronger and more complex graphics and visual imagery.

Finally, let’s take a look at the processing game engines behind the biggest games for consoles and PCs. In recent years and for the last couple of generations of game engines, Unreal’s engine has been a go-to option for the widest genre of games, from RPGs like Dragon Quest XI to the games focused on fighting, like the Dragon Ball Z and first-person shooter video games like Borderlands 3. The developer has professed that this engine is targeting mobile devices as well.

The potential of mobile gaming has been long held back due to some concerns regarding visual quality and the interest from the gaming industry to dabble in the field. But now, new evidence shows that those concerns are subsiding and more mobile gaming options are being introduced. When you combine scalability with top-quality visuals and gameplay, what you get is a mobile version of Call of Duty as the norm of the gaming industry, rather than a one-time thing.

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