Why People Prefer Online Slots Over Blackjack

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Online casinos give people a lot of choice when it comes to which games they want to play. Unlike physical casinos, there will always be enough space for everyone no matter what time of the day or night it might be, and if you only want to play for a few minutes that’s absolutely fine. If you want to play for hours, that’s no problem either (as long as you’re sensible with your budget). 

It’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to stick to virtual casinos like Wizard Slots these days, either via a laptop or using a mobile device. Convenience and fun are all wrapped up together. 

Yet some online casino games are much more popular than others. This is true when comparing slot games to blackjack, for example. Although both are played by many people, and each has their dedicated fans, slot games always win out, and the majority of people using an online casino site will be playing slots rather than anything else. Why is this? Why do people prefer online slots over blackjack? 


Blackjack was created many hundreds of years ago, sometime in the 16th century. It has been played ever since, and has always been incredibly popular; even today the rules are very well known. If you’ve never played blackjack you’ll still know that it revolves around getting a score of 21, or at least closer to 21 than the dealer. 

This really is the essence of the game. No matter how many people are around the table, the game is always between the dealer and the individual players. What the other players are doing should be of no interest to you if you’ve chosen to try blackjack – you just need to pay attention to the dealer. Each player is given two cards (and that includes the dealer) to begin with. When it’s your turn, you can choose to stick/stand or take another card (hit). If you go over 21 at any point you are bust and out of the game. When you’re finished, the dealer will turn their cards over and decide how many they want to take. If they go bust you win, but if their score is higher than yours (and under 21) they win. Whoever gets a blackjack (21 exactly) wins automatically. 

Blackjack is a lot of fun, and because you get to choose how many cards you are going to take, there is some control involved, and this can be important for some players. 

Slot Games 

The slot games you see at an online casino these days is still similar to the original slot machine that was created by Charles Fey back in 1895. This game, called the Liberty Bell, was a ‘one armed bandit’ kind of slot, but the rules were essentially the same, and you still had to line up specific symbols across the reels in order to win. 

Fruit machines and more updated slots came about in the 1960s, and soon enough the levers were done away with and buttons put in their place. The gameplay was still the same, however, and even when video slots were introduced you still had to line up symbols across the reels. 

Today’s slots are still located in casinos and pubs and bars, but many more of them can be found online. These online slots are the ones that are most popular; they look stunning, their soundtracks are exciting, and there are even bonus games to play to give you more chance of winning and to break up the otherwise potentially monotonous gameplay. 

Online slots are simple to play but they offer the player a sense of excitement, particularly when the jackpots are large. They can be played at any time, on many different devices, and they can be a great way to relax as you don’t really need to think about what you’re doing. 

Online Slots Versus Blackjack 

Online slots and blackjack are very different games, so of course some people are going to prefer one over the other simply because that’s their preference. But some, those who like both, or who haven’t played either before, will automatically gravitate towards the slots, even when they have absolutely free choice of what they might want to play. Here are the reasons why. 

The Stories

Blackjack has no story behind it, unless you want to pretend you’re an international spy or a multimillionaire gambler and you want to create your own story, of course. Otherwise, it’s just a game, albeit an entertaining one. Yet online slots tend to have stories behind them. It might just be the theme that follows a movie, for example, or it could be a myth that has been turned into a game, as well as many other examples. The bonus games will expand that story even further, and there will be characters to get behind and choices to make. Not only are you playing a fun game, but you are becoming involved in the story behind it too. 


When you play online slots you could stand to win a fair amount. The RTP for online slots averages around 97 percent, which give you pretty good odds at winning your stake back and a little profit on top. The RTP for blackjack is closer to 94 percent. So, one of the reasons why slots are preferable to blackjack is that you are more likely to win; it’s that simple. 

Not only that, but online slots have some big jackpots attached to them, especially the ones that are linked to other games and are known as progressive slots. The stories of those who have become millionaires after spending relatively little on online slots are rife, and tempting. 

New Technology

Although the gameplay of both slots and blackjack hasn’t changed in a long time when you look at the basics of both games, online slots are definitely much more up to date than blackjack is. Online slots have plenty of videos, excellent graphics, and are increasingly being made even better with the latest technology such as 3D gaming and virtual reality. This is not the case with blackjack which looks and feels like it always has. 


Blackjack and online slots are growing in popularity, but the amount of people who are playing slots is edging ahead of those playing blackjack. Online slots have moved with the times, and this, combined with excellent gameplay, is helping their popularity soar.

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