Be A Wiser Internet User – Top Tips And Tricks

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The recent changes happening in our society – and around the world – have really transformed the way we use the internet. Social media sites are now sources of recent news and information rather than just a place to meet new people and interact. New news outlets and personal sites are flooding the internet as demand for constant updates continues to rise.

With the challenges we face today, being a wise internet user is even more important. Knowing how to use the internet and the many tools and resources on it is a must; we have just the tips and tricks to get you started in this article.

Check Before You Share

Sharing information through social media and other internet tools is certainly something you want to do with extra care these days. There are a lot of incorrect posts and misinformation being billed as news, particularly from untrustworthy sources and new news outlets.

Instead of spreading this type of content freely, take a step back and review what you’re sharing before going forward. According to studies compiled by the University of Cincinnati and its Master of Science in Criminal Justice department, rechecking news and posts we share can actually reduce the spread of hoaxes and misinformation by a substantial margin.

Think Before You Tweet

The same principle applies to the content you make yourself. In many occasions, it is better not to tweet about something than to share negative content with the world. That one tweet you share now has the ability to impact thousands, all without you realizing.

Thinking before posting anything on social media or commenting on other people’s posts is also a great way to reduce many other negative things on the internet. Most cyberbullying cases could be stopped if the perpetrators consider the implications of their words before tweeting.

Manage Your Details

As a wise internet user, you have to be mindful of how you share your personal details at all times. Giving away too much personal information is something to avoid because of the security risks that entail. It is even more dangerous if the details you share are sensitive, such as your home address or your personal phone number.

When people can easily figure out your birthdate and the name of your cat, for example, it won’t take long for hackers to acquire the same information and more. It is only a matter of time before they gain access to your accounts with that information.

Don’t think that you’re not a target either. Your personal details are just as valuable as details of celebrities or famous figures. Attackers don’t really care about who you are; what they care is how they can use your personal information to do malicious things.

There are a lot of movements to make the internet a better, more positive place, including movements by students of online universities such as the University of Cincinnati Online. With more people involved, we can make the internet a safer, healthier, and more informative place. Let’s start today and make a difference, shall we?

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