Wow Mounts Are Abuzz, Bees And More To Be Added Along With The New Expansion

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World of Warcraft’s newest expansion ‘Battle for Azeroth’ comes with many new features and collectibles. With two new areas added to the world, there are new continents to explore and conquer. There are new races, three for each faction, and two brand new game modes called Warfronts and Island Expeditions. The level cap will also be increased to 120, classes have been revamped, and a new accessory added that can upgrade your other gear.

However, getting into all of those details will derail this article, so we’ll focus on what’s important: the new mounts.

The New Mounts to be Added Along with the Expansion

Data miners have discovered ten new mounts the expansion will add. They are the Brutosaur, Hyena, Parrot, Crawg, Goblin Hovercraft, Gilded Ravasaur, Tomb Stalker, Bee, Bloodfeaster, and the Hivemind Multi-seat mount. They all seem interesting, don’t they?

While the Hyena and Parrot are pretty standard (the avian mount seems a little too small, though), the Brutosaur, like its name, references the long-necked dinosaur. The Crawg is usually found as the mount of the Blood Trolls, but the expansion will make them available for players. Then, the Goblin Hovercraft will be an engineering mount, which can be crafted by engineers.

Next, the Gilded Ravasaur looks like a raptor with green skin and golden armor. The Tomb Stalker seems to be a re-colored Gilded Ravasaur, this time in undead blue-greenish skin and faded armor. In contrast, the Bee mount is, well, a large bee you can ride, and it may come in three colors. A matching honey stick weapon is also in the data, though how to get it is still unclear.

The Bloodfeaster also comes in three colors and looks like a spider with webbing in-between its legs. It’s mainly a ground mount but has flying animation. Finally, the Hivemind Multi-seat mount is a bit of a mystery. Its ability to go faster when more players  join the Hivemind looks very interesting though. The buff is stackable, only limited by how many players can join the hivemind.

When will the Expansion be Released?

Well, it has been announced at Blizzcon last year, so surely it has to be soon right? Why yes, the release has been revealed to be on August 14. You can use those four months to save up gold for sweet new World of Warcraft mounts and money to get the expansion. Otherwise, just take the time to enjoy the game more before all the hustle and bustle the expansion is sure to bring.

Continue enjoying WoW!

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